I use a very durable, scratch and water resistant finish on the pieces.  

The pieces are sturdier than they may appear, though certainly not indestructible.  Light hand washing is not a problem,  but avoid prolonged submersions.  Please don't shower, waterski, landscape, or test your karate skills while wearing the rings. They are fundamentally wood, and therefore breakable.

Do watch out for scratches or other dings in the finish that appear to let water penetrate the finish. Water is water, and will eventually work its way wherever it wants go (see Grand Canyon :) so do try to limit exposure when you can.

If  you do notice any flaws developing , or simply want a fresh glossy finish, you may choose to send back the  piece for refinishing. The charge for a complete  refinish is $60. 

Most ring owners will need this about every 2 years, depending on wear habits.

Adjustments in fit and finish can be made to most pieces with quick turnaround.

I also love to let my clients help design their own rings and pendants. Let me know what you like and we can get the perfect piece created in usually just 2-3 weeks.  If it is a custom ring, re-sizing is always free.  So feel free to surprise someone you love,  I will make sure it is perfect.