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all images are used by permission.

all images are owned and copyrighted by their respective photographers and may not be used, copied, saved or  transmitted without the written permission of  the image owner.

all designs are trademark property of Trey Geary.  


Special thanks to Andres Martinez, for the amazing jewelry and knife photography, and to Robin Geary for the photoshoot product styling.


Contributing Photographers:

Andres Martinez- product images, Emree Franklin images

Jerry Atnip: Kimberly Williams Paisley images

Jeremy Cowart- Jerrod Niemann images, Brad Paisley images, product images

Tamara Reynolds- Ashley Cleveland images, model images

Thomas Petillo- Jessie Baylin images

Robin Geary

Trey Geary


Wardrobe and Styling by Jennifer Kemp.


email trey geary:



Andres Martinez, Photographer:

Jeremy Cowart Photography:

Jerry Atnip Photography:

Tamara Reynolds Photography:





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